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When and how did you join Zombie Murder?

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The first time i played on a Zombie Murder server was whithin the first week i had bought CSS. I had played it before and knew the basics of Zombie Mod so i started playing on the Noobs Unlimited server. (i still wear that tag from time to time) When i got bored of that i started looking for a new server to play on. So i found Napalm. At first this was a secondary server to play on, somthing to do when i didnt feel like Noobs Unlimited. But eventually i grew out of NU and came here. Although i still play on the NU Office server.


So......how did you fime ZM?



Sol :)

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I was looking for a zombie server in the U.S. I was tired of those french whore servers with unlimited ammo with no reload. They had like large zombie yodas, and I was wondering where the hell they got that idea from. I found Napalm and weeks later I discovered that there were other servers for ZM...

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Been here since August last year. Was surfing through zombie servers because I got tired of normal CSS with all the OMGZ, HE SHOT ME HE HAX. Came upon ZM, saw how intriguing it was and threw my money to the wind (I mean paypal) and applied for admin.

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i bought css and after few days i just randomly picked server and it was napalm. i joined server and map was little city sumthing. I spawned, buy time was over so i runned to nearest house and goed to uppest floor founded two m4 at ground i was happy then i made cade and almost pissed to my pants waiting for zombies. After 10 mins looking from windows i decided to go out and seek for zombs. after min i noticed Im alone. :d I still laught at that moment. :d :roflmao:

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I started off with Zombie Horde at first, later on got admin on that server after playing for so long, server got shut down, never buddied the admin, lost contact with that server.


Later on I played Zombie Mod and found unlim servers, found that boring, then I found KoC.


Stuck to KoC server for a long time and then ZM took over. Now here I am, involved with anything related to ZM.

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Two years of playing cs:s normally, then some of my friends got into zombie mod with jetpack mod. I was looking through the UK zombie servers, saw one labelled escape (escape maps were and always have been my favourite), joined it and stuck around

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My story is remakable similiar to Jaffa's. I started playing zombie back when all the maps were just night versions of all the css maps. The only illumination was from your flashlight. I'll be honest, when playing at night in a dark room, I would jump a little when I got stabbed by a zombie. It was pretty creepy.


Like Jaffa, then came the maps that were made specifically for zombe mod. Lila Panic, was probably the most popular map back then. Some with jetpack to mix it up. Some with unlimited ammo.


I was on my favorite server (atm), and then we swithched to a new map called "Boat Escape." Yes, the original. At that moment, I fell in love with escape maps. I went searching for a server that was all escape map, which led me to here. My first session on these servers was late summer of 2007. I have been little elsewhere since.


These are the best zombie servers that I have ever experienced. And I think that is reflected that the server is almost always full. We could have a 50 slot escape server and it would still be full.

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