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What the f*ck guys?

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Just been looking through the threads over the last couple of weeks as you do, since im stuck in uni and got a couple of hours to kill till next lecture.

And im appalled.

Just looking at this shit, we have so much back biting, agression, anger, ignorance and the like between people.


We are suppossed to be a community here guys, not a fecking civil war.


Come on, wheres the love?

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Strictly speaking, the only threads I've seen backbiting in lately are threads that complain about the little things. Yes, it's fine to vent out once in a while, but theres a difference between venting and then being arrogant and a dick by bragging about how "loved," you are, that it gets to the point of so-called inconvienience.

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But zombies are aggressive and bite, why can't we? lol


I haven't even been here in a couple of months, so I can't vouch for any back biting.

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I agree commissar, I've noticed the increase of overall douche baggery and uncalled for rudeness among posters, both admin and non. It's pissing me off.

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I try to keep things on the positive.. and have stopped myself mid typing and canceled a post just because it might come across too negative..


Seems like you see pissing matches on every forum.


Show the love.. not the hate..

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