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Adios Amigos!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello every one,

how u doing.


well first of al i have to said im going to take a vacation for about 1-2 months, this is because im on alot of problems right now and just dont have extra (time and money) to expend right now, im going to sell this Pc to my brother and i have been unemployed for about 2 months, so i spend part of my savings on bill and more stuff, but i cnt just keep going like that so i found a new job will start tomorrow thats it, ill stop playing CSS for awhile until i get all my most of the money i spend back and buy a new pc.

I will like to thx all of you guys for the time i was here i was pretty cool we have a great community here dont let it down.

and thx for all the favor and the good times, hope to be back soon.


[ZM] Biscuit

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