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Microshock on a new venture.

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Ok so if this is ..against the rules..remove it I guess even though it would be an assholish thing to do.


But Microshock has started a team of his own and already has a server gaining popularity.


He doesn't have a website up yet but there is a Steam group which I invite you all to join please. I know all of you really like him even though your shells are covered in cemented chocolate love.




This isn't a stunt to get people away from ZM but rather just to show what happens when you......(fill in the rest)



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Im with Raven on this one. Micro is gone and thats it. No one is gunna care about anything that has to do with him anymore. Dont even bother posting anything about him.





Sol :)

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Kids this is Lame. Stop stroking you Friends E-Penis!!!


We banned Microshock for a reason, and dont care what he is doing these days. You can't post some one else server stuff here. It not becasue we think we will lose people to the tards server. It's called not Ethical. And shows disrespect for the server you are posting it on.



I would say this is your warning before the forum Ban-Hammer comes down on you.


Have a great day!

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