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Too much Naruto?

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Stupid children..........I watched loads of stuff like this, even the Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was younger than this....and its not like I went around and played "Cut each other up" with my friends.....


You have to be a very "special" kind of person to die in a 1 foot sandbox.

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Watch them take sand boxes away like they've taken so much other good shit away. Pretty soon the only thing left for kids to do is stand around, and then some moron with parents who don't deserve to be breathing the same air as most of us do let alone have a child together will die from standing around and they'll take that away too.


Do parents today just not watch their kids anymore? Do they not tell them that 95% of television is fiction? Was there ever a point in time where a kid shot and killed his friend wearing bunny ears with a hunting rifle, imitating Elmer and Bugs? Of course not, too many parents today are stupid and they're ruining it for all the other kids growing up.

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