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WAR is Comming!

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Yeah, you have to be VERY dedicated to it. It is very complicated because some serious players play on fields that are as big as rooms and they make their own units. You thought there were some WoW nuts out there, these guys make them look like rock stars.


Not saying it is bad though. The original game looks very fun, but MMOs are not my thing.

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I Played Beta And It Was Really Amazing.

You Should Really Think About Playing It.


Your in the beta. You suck!!! But not sure i am going to play this MMO.


Conan looks better, and then there is always Stargate Worlds i have to play. And now there is the new Super Hero's MMO comming out too. Man way to many mmo's to play this year.









FYI... Champions Online was called Marvel Universe before it got the boot. They keep most of their work and just took out anything that had to do with marvel.

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