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Zombie Horde?

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I understand this idea has been thrown around alot but, how come we dont have a Z Horde server? I used to play it alot and i never find any good servers. I just thought I'd throw this out there, maybe we can have a test server for like 3 days or so? We can see if it works out or not and it'll go from there.




Sol :drool:

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horde doesnt exist any more and their r some glitch's that won't b fixed as the team has split



considering i was playing horde yesterday, i would say it still exists...

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1. Only a few maps that work with ZH

2. Most players won't join Zombie so you need bots

3. Not popular anymore

4. Glitches



1. First Zombie mod for css

2. Great classes for players to choose as zombie and human

3. Can set different spots as camping spots so players won't go to that spot

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