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Well guys, on Tuesday I got processed at MEPS in NY. It was a bunch of fun and not as bad as people said it would be. I went to NY and we all went to the Hilton in Staten Island and we stayed there Monday night, I ate like a pig at the buffet, worked out for 30 mins, went to my room and took a shower, went downstairs and joined the poker game that 6 other people started up and then went to my room and me and my room mate watched South Park and HBO. lol George Carlin is funny as hell, it was some HBO stand-up special. The next morning we woke up at 4:30 and had breakfast. The shuttle buses took us to MEPS and then the long process of all the medical information and blah blah blah that had to happen. It was all worth it, I met cool people waiting in line to get my eyes checked and what not. Very interesting......only bad part was the my bluffing techniques only worked for a couple rounds and then I just kept getting rolled lmao GREEN!!! Your bluffing techniques don't work IRL!!!!! lol I signed up for 2 years and 16 weeks. And my MOS is 11B which is Infantry. Damn the other bad thing is I gotta wait for 3 months until I git shipped out July 8. I can't wait ^.^ But....:crying: they gotta cut my hair ---___--- lmao thats the only bad thing.

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