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Unfortunately, Pancake Batter, whom we all know and love has turned out to be Riggs.


He will be banned immediately.


All friends of Pancake Batter will lose some privileges such as:


-Freedom of Posting. (May only post 1 Thread and 3 replies per WEEK)

-May ONLY play in UK escape server(s).

-May NOT befriend anyone.

-May NO longer have a public profile.

-May NOT join any social groups.

-Avatar size must be scaled to 40x50.

-Cannot post links in their relies or thread.

-Admins who were friends of Pancake Batter A.K.A. Riggs will lose admin, and will never be able to purchase admin again. (This rule also applies to non-admin friends)



Unfortunately we must take action to keep the ZombieMurder community running smoothly.


We apologize for what we must do.





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