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Graduation Rant

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So after 3 years, ungodly amounts of money spent, I am graduating law school. I get to put on my Harry Potter Hogwartz outfit and go get my 90K diploma, hopefully the last diploma ill need.


Law school graduation is a separate, lively affair, 2-3 hours and you GTFO to eat something with your family have a beer, then batten down the hatches for the BAR.


The school is making attendance to undergraduate graduation mandatory. UG grad at my school is the longest, drawn out :cursing::cursing::cursing:


I have to sit through an other, separate 3-4 hour graduation on top of my own.




Why cant I just go to MY graduation. I dont know any UG students, nor do I care to. I am a law student graduating, not an undergrad, or Grad student.


Professional school students should not be required to sit through 3449503 names of random fucktards.





I went through undergraduate graduation less than 3 1/2 years ago. I'd really prefer to avoid it.


Stupid dip-shittery

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I didn't know you were a Floridian resident, even though now that I think about it you did say something to the effect in the college thread.

Good deal though, Florida's bar exam is one of the easier ones, my cousin's husband just got his a few months back and turned out to be a public defender.

And besides, Florida is full of idiots that love to sue!

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A cousin-in-law of mine passed his bar exams about a year ago. He took both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania, apparently the New Jersey one is a piece of cake, so he took the Pennsylvania one as well.


He is working as a clerk at the moment, I forget which court, and is making a solid income.

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Things could be worse. You could have NOT even made it to graduation.


Not too great a percentage of people get to sit through hours to get their JD.

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