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Im snakesitting

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I am snake sitting for my GF, damn snake is being Emo and wont eat its mouse. Hasnt eaten in 2 mos. I got it a new rock and a covering so it can hide under in case it needs to molt, and it wrapped itself on my leg for the better part of the morning, I'd hope it would be more willing to eat now


Any snake owners out here that can help out on the week long snake sitting while prepping for finals mission

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ok now that the stupid responses are out of the way, legal check the temperature in the tank, if its below 80 its likely that its gone into hibernation mode and will not eat. you need to slowly warm it up back to about 85degrees.


what type of snake is it. (important info) is the skull of the rat larger side to side then the snakes head in between its eyes. if its too big it wont eat.


make sure its got a clean water source that is cleaned daily or more if it is defecating in it.


lastly pick it up listen to it breathing, if you hear a whooshign sound or what sounds like hissing and or you see it in its cage with its upper body vertical alot you may need to take it to the vet due to it likely having a respitory infection. it will not eat until thats cleared.


further info can be given based on type of snake size/age of snake and cage size bedding setup etc.



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