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Reasons why it's worth to be a PCgamer in 2008

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I really don't care for anything on that list except for Empire: Total War...love me them Total War games! :001_cool:


As much as I would love to have Empire, i'm pretty sure it will make my CPU melt with polygonal fury.


The new supreme commander looks pretty cool, plus i've been following spore development for years, the only game that I will update my computer for.


Also check out this for all you MMO fans out there who are sick of the level grinding shit thats been sold as games for the past few years. http://www.darkfallonline.com/


check out the dev journals http://www.warcry.com/news/category/385


They are fully independent and aren't cutting corners to make the sale earlier. They are also getting the beta organized.


edit* WARNING Carebears need not apply

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One Word: Spore

Hopefully they don't delay it again :cursing:



I really can't think of anything I'm particularly excited for this year. SC2 looks alright but if it plays anything like the original it'll get boring after a week. The single-player was only worthwhile in the first one cause the story was good. If JA3 is anything like the first two then I'll be getting that the day it comes out, but I'm not expecting much there either. Cities Unlimited might be cool, I'm gonna check out City Life and see how that is, since the SimCity franchise hasn't really had a good game since SimCity 2000.


Oh yeah, some of the adventure games look pretty cool too, there's one from the Monkey Island guys :O!

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nah i prefer having a cheap comp and a console..


dont wanna pay 2k for a comp just to play some games with awesome graphic when i bought my 360 for 300 or so which has the same great graphics ^^


cant wait for gta4!!!111eleven11!

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