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Go cry emo kid

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Anyways, the reason why emo kids are getting the shit beaten out of them all the time, not trying to be prejudiced or anything, but whenever something different comes into reality, society, we, being human beings and not liking change, shun it from the rest of the world. Same thing with gays. At the rate were going, itll probably be another 200 years, after a few holocausts and genocides aside, that well really begin to accept them.

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There is no fucking way ima listen to the whole damn thing got to 1 min. and just gave up she is reallllllyyyyyyyyyy anoying blah blah blah dont hate the emos blah blah blah dont hate she needs to fuck off.

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10 minutes of that?


i find it funny in the beginning the says 'shy-ot' then starts cursing up a storm.


everyone has their right to express themselves (even if its just copying someone else) but what she said about it being bigger then some other style, and lasting longer, she just doesnt understand that life is full of cycles. discrimination will be around for quite some time, and 10 years from now, a completely different girl, with a completely different trend will be saying the same thing.

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