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which one to get..... POLL... pick one

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ok im pretty sure what most of you will say, but im gunna take a poll and see for sure what ya think... im looking to get a motorcycle, but im stuck i either want a 2007 harley davison sportster 883 brand new, or the 2008 suzuki gsxr 600 black brand new the harley is 7 grand the gsxr is about 8600. i will primarily be driving this to work as much as i can about 50 miles altogether a day. also my friend has a "crochrocket" so i could go riding with him if i get one of those .. instead of the harley.....


i posted 2 links so you can look at them if u dont know what they look like.

PLEASE GIVE SHORT ANSWERS SAY GSXR OR HARLEY AND SHORT SENTENCE WHY. so that way i can count in a week more easy wich one won :) thanks.












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50 mile drives; comfort>speed

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Depending on your age and back quality, the Gixxer is probably going to be more comfortable than the Sportster for extended jaunts. TBH Harleys don't really have anything going for them except looks and resale value. The sportster JUST got helical-cut gears in 2006 and fuel injection in '07, it's like they pride themselves in being 25 years behind the curve. The Harley would be a better first bike though...if you really wanted a sportbike first I'd recommend looking for a CBR600F4i, it's probably the most forgiving 600cc sportbike you'll find. That whole category just gets more and more extreme every year, which makes them more and more dangerous for new riders.


You can go riding with your friend either way...ride them both and see which one you like better. Harley lets you test-ride any bike but for other makes it varies by dealer.

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