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Sudden Strike 3

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For those of us that were RTS gaming in 2000, you may remember a quiet, but epic WWII real time strategy (really tactics when you think about it), that came out of nowhere from Germany and Russian devs CDV.


Sudden strike was not known for overall prettiness, its graphics were state of the art at the time, and nothing really groundbreaking. What made the game truly shine, however, was the sheer scope of battles. You could control over 1000 units at once, artillery, tanks, infantry, ships, and "callable" air support and paratroopers. There were over 15 types of infantry, each nation's units were well represented, and the game had a pretty tight armor value system. While the single player suffered from a complete allergy to historical realism, and the AI was fucking unforgiving (it would wail on your ass with a meat hammer), the game's multiplayer is what really made it shine. thousands of units fighting over a 2d map of europe, with garrisonable structures and fully destroyable environments. I played a LOT of this game my first 2 years of undergrad between starcraft and red alert 2.


The game is not a base building RTS, you get a set of units at the beginning, and based on your ability to take territory, preserve your army and keep them supplied (which was a big issue... infantry, tanks, etc can ACTUALLY run out of ammo). This made for really aggressive multiplayer games which were a real treat to watch as observer. an 8 player battle with decent players was killer to watch.


In 2002 they made a sequel, which was technologically the same, but a hell of a game to play online, expanding the first with player controlled transport planes (take off landing, loading, paradropping", new units, and new campaigns (Still suffering from allergy of accuracy).


In another week, SS3, basically revamped SS2 with prettier graphics an EVEN HIGHER unit cap, and allegedly really well done, responsive and aggressive AI will be released.


Multiplayer is allegedly better, and it will allow you to wail on germans and russians and east euros that were all addicted to this game in the early 2000s, especially the ones on the multiplayer "berlin" server that tend to make a korean starcraft asswhipping seem like a tea party.


I for one encourage you all to check it out, maybe get it and give it a chance. In a world of samey RTS's while we all wait for SC2, its nice to see someone do something different that doesnt totally become a colossal failure (cough world in conflict cough).


Anyway, any thoughts?


Who may get this but me? I'd be happy to play with anyone here, start clans, etc.

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I got it... along with an on discount Medal of Honor Airborne... SURPRISE its actually pretty good. Concept is interesting, and my comp handle both on max all...


Anyhow. Anyone getting SS3, please let me know, as playing online is done through IP direct connects, since the russian pricks who made the game cant be bothered to use anything more than gamespy.


anyone know how to work GS? Been a while for me (since SS1, 2) and I cant get it to let me into the main arena for the game...


anyhow, little help, please.

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lol, last time I used Gamespy it was with AvP. All I can tell you is to make sure all your necessary ports are open. It took a while for me to get AvP running on it fine. Maybe it doesn't like steam on your computer and refuses to run properly. :tongue_smilie:

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Pros: If you remember SS2, or SS1, game play is essentially the same: lots of soldiers, tanks, field artillery pieces. All have unique armor, weapon, health values. Planes are "call in" rather than CC3 style "build" planes. Seaborne arty plays the same.


It has a zoom function, but dont expect company of heroes quality graphics, nor an amazing repetoire of spoken word from the troopers. This game is epic in scale, you will have full beach assaults, tank charges, and artillery turns the land into a moonscape... its just not going to look like crysis, or for that matter company of heroes.


Realism: troops WILL die, ammunition CAN cook off, tanks actually run out of gas, ammo, as do planes, troops, etc. LOTS of variety in units.


CDV included certain "base behavior" for units, eg. tanks will use machine guns to engage infantry, shells for tanks, unless directed, infantry within grenade range will chuck grenades, flame infantry will fire into structures... artillery can be set to over watch and counter fire... medics automatically try to heal, and officers will use binoculars, etc. You can leave a fuel truck next to a group of tanks, they will auto fill with whateveer is on the truck unless you say otherwise.


Map is 3d, destructable, lots of garrisonable structures, etc. Map builder coming soon. neutral vehicles, artillery, etc. available.




Cons: Resource intensive, if you dont have @ least a 3.0 G single, or a dual, this game WILL choke your computer.


Not as pretty as many of the games nowadays. Nor for that matter conventionally "fun" in the sense of arcade style gameplay (low number units, really pretty, characterful).


Steep learning curve. If your idea of fun is joining and playing and beating the computer in 5-10 min, get another game. The AI is unforgiving, and will wipe the floor with thy ass.


Still goes on old line of sight style game play. If one unit can see it, anyone in range can fire upon it... which is not BAD per se, but it is a little annoying that an officer with a pistol will start firing at something he wouldnt be able to see... in the game's defense, the infantry form a fire base, so diff weapons will move up to fire... which is somewhat realistic.


CDV cannot put a campaign together to save a life.


No skirmish mode. Cant just "pick up game" although there are LOTS of maps out there available for anyone who speaks german or russian to read the map directions.


No "steam" like style online service. Matchmaking is done on gamespy, or in person. I still am trying to get my gamespy to work right. Its pretty annoying. If anyone is getting this, lets trade screennames to set games up via IP. I wish they would fix this, gamespy leaves a LOT to be desired. BC of this I have yet to play online.


No "economy" and basebuilding may put a lot of people off, since its pretty much "these are your units... achieve this".


I expected this and was fine with it, SS games are some of the most strategically significant games in the past 10 years IMHO, and fun if you like a real time tactics style game.


For 39 dollars (currently) you get a very VERY large game. So large that it is almost to a fault. From past experience I know what to expect from CDV, and the multiplayer aspect of SS games are amazing if anything... its just getting to it that is the damn issue.


If you are a patient person, who does not mind the 3-4 hour game, and lots of micromanaging, this game may be for you... a CC3 this is not.

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