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What lyrics describe your personality?

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So...yeah....what lyrics describe your personality?



This song is absolutly perfect for me.



It's Me Again lyrics


I shred your bullshit poetry

Yes, it's me again

I wreck your postivity

Yes, it's me again

I fuck it to watch it bleed

I kick it to make it scream

I am the alternate choice

To some stray life of mercy



You see beauty, I see pain

You see sky, and I see acid rain

It's me again


I rip your throat out on a whim

Yes, it's me again

I only ask for everything

Yes, it's me again

I squeeze it to feel it breathe

I smash it to fuel this need

I am the antidote for

Whatever sickness you feed


You see beauty, I see pain

You see sky, and I see acid rain

It's me again


Little miss fucker don't move an inch

Y'all punk suckers cant take the heat

Your blood rushing from head to feet

This is what I stand for

All unjustice thats done to man

All you fuckers know who I am

I'm living proof that you can

Turn around and say it's me again



You see beauty, I see pain

You see sky, and I see acid rain

It's me again





Sol :001_smile:

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He mine





What Ever i doooo


I love pooo


i like to moooo


when i doooo


i go shooo


to cats garooo


mine gaatoo







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come on boys, u know the words, sing along.


Youll take my life but Ill take yours too

Youll fire you musket but Ill run you through

So when your waiting for the next attack

Youd better stand theres no turning back


The bugle sounds as the charge begins

But on this battlefield no one wins

The smell of arcrid smoke and horses breath

As you plunge into a certain death


The horse he sweats with fear we break to run

The mighty roar of the russian guns

And as we race towards the human wall

The screams of pain as my comrades fall


We hurdle bodies that lay on the ground

And the russians fire another round

We get so near yet so far away

We wont live to fight another day


We get so close near enough to fight

When a russian gets me in his sights

He pulls the trigger and I feel the blow

A burst of rounds take my horse below


And as I lay there gazing at the sky

My bodys numb and my throat is dry

And as I lay forgotten and alone

Without a tear I draw my parting groan

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I Hate Gossip

And I don't walk around lookin for it, ya know?, But

Yesterday It Seemed to just wander around until it found me,

the gossip found me

Then why don't you try proving it.

How? You don't know how to prove it?,

well, what you just do is...


Stop... analyzin' criticizin',

You should realize what I am and start epidimizin'

Legitimate, I got the heart of the biggest lion

I'm confident like f**k em all, pull out my dick and ride it

My flow sick, so sick, it's like my shit is dyin'

It rains a lot in my city, because my citys cryin'

Because my citys dyin'

Still I emerge from all of that, I am a livin pion-eer, near sighted.

Fear God, not them

Steer my Robin Coupe through the streets of the boot... and


And, then I leave blood in the boot, I leave a blood bath,

Sorry there's a tub in the boot, now where the drugs at?

Im twisted like the strings on shoe No nigga f**k that

I'm twisted like the string on a boot, now where New Orleans at?

I feel hip hop stole me like a bus pass

So in your possession, I, I must ask...



Hey, haven't I been good to you? (Think it over)

Tell me, haven't I been sweet to you?



Drag my name through the mud

I come out clean

Cast away stones

I won't even blink

A gun is not a math problem,

I won't even think

Just leave you dead like the mink

under my sink

Don't believe in me

Don't believe me

I graduated from hungry,

and made it to greedy

My flow is like pasta

Take it and eat it

But I'ma need cheese if I'm bakin' a


You niggas want beef?

I want a steak and uh, we'll be

Lost in Amsterdam or Jamaica where weed be

Hard body nigga, just takin it easy

All about my paper, bout my paper like Eazy

Why do rappers, why do rappers, lie

to fans, lot of rappers, why do rappers

Lie like actors, cut the mothaf**kin cameras

Cut the check,and tell them f**k they props

And when you see them tell them weezy is

Hip Hop


Lil Wayne: Gossip

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Since your lyrics made me sad I posted mine.



I thank the Lord for what, for what He’s done in us

I thank the Lord for His love

I thank the Lord for what He’s gonna do in us

From the Heavens above

I thank the Lord for the smile that He’s put on my face

I thank the Lord for His grace

I thank the Lord for the joy that He has given to me

‘Cuz now I know that I am really set free



Everybody Everybody

Everybody praise the Lord

Everybody Everybody

Everybody praise the Lord

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Not really lyrics, but I've always liked this:


"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the baddest mother****er in the valley."


P.S. Yes, it's related. It's a psalm. >_>



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Rock lobster by Peter Griffin.


We were at the beach

Everybody had matching towels

somebody went under a dock and there they saw a rock

but it wasnt a rock, it was a ROCK LOBSTER







Me in a nutshell :)


For the proper song:

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