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Any NBA or Sports Fans here?!?!?!

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Ok Sports fans lets talk about the up and coming NBA Playoffs. I'm Born and raised S. Cali all my Lyfe so i'm a Laker Fan. So of course I'm repping the Kobe and Lakers all Day Every Day. I Believe that Kobe will get MVP this season over CP3=Chris Paul. I Also believe Lakers have a really good shot at taking the whole series. W/ Kobe, Pau, and Lamar on point and Bynum returning from injuring who can stop them? So when you Respond make sure you name who you think will will MVP and which Team will win the Series. Thanks


-Swizzy *B*

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Thats why basketball on the streets is more fun to watch and play than regulation. The only real fouls are for punching below the waist and tripping. There is some form of strategy using fouls in the regulated game though, but mostly in college basketball. You can understand it better if you see how it is used. Anyways street>NCAA>NBA

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