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Question about TB-PX21 with 360

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I am switching from PS3 to the Xbox360, and I am wondering if the Xbox360 has a "AV MULTI OUTPUT" jack on it, because that's how I plugged my PX21 into the PS3 using the composite cord, and the splitters on the headset. Does this work with the Xbox360, or do I need to find a different way to get it to work. That is for game sound btw. I don't know if the USB port gives game sound if you plug something in it, but that would be cool. The headset also has a spot on the control panel thing for the Xbox controller plug-in.






Composite Cord




Turtle Beach PX21






Also, im talking to my IRL friend atm, and he says that the Xbox comes with a composite type of cord, that has the Red/White cables. This leaves my HMDI port free to plug into my monitor using a HDMI-DVI cable, and then i just need the cord to plug the controller into the headset console (The plug in is at the the bottom right of the little console box in the picture directly above, inside the headset). Will this work successfully?

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Another question to add on to the previous question:


I will be playing on a HP w1907 monitor using a HDMI-DVI cable, and this is the same monitor that I use for my PC. Is there a tpye of "switch" that will allow me to swap betwen the dvi port to the blue computer-monitor cord port by like sliding a slider.







If these do exist, what would they be called?


EDIT: the blue monitor cord is a VGA


EDIT2: I've been searched the net for a DVI / VGA monitor switchbox and could only really find DVI with some KVSM crap or VGA and the KVSM crap...

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