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  1. The last thing I imagined learning from an SG Discord notification was news like this but here we are. I wish I had been around more the last few months to chat and support you as you were getting back on your feet from the fire. You were one of the people who made me feel welcomed here when I first came over and your encouragement to stick around because “we’re all buds around here” was so impactful. I’ll miss you, Roux. Catch ya next round!
  2. Danno


    To anyone who has been kinda sorta interested in getting Squad to play with the SG crew but didn't want to spend $50 on it (like myself), it is currently on sale for 25% off at $37.49 USD on Steam. Sale ends December 1st.
  3. This may just be my Human Resources background kicking in but I prefer to have the pop-up because it eliminates the "I didn't know" or "I didn't see the rules" defense when people blatantly break the rules and are punished.
  4. Great work you guys, thank you for everything you do to make this community stronger!
  5. Danno

    MG Battle Royale

    Damn, I thought it would go on longer than an hour so I missed it! Glad you guys had fun though! b-t-dubs: the community calendar has this event listed for tomorrow, the 13th, at 5pm. Are we running it again or was that just an accident?
  6. From what I have heard and read on the forums, it depends on the caliber of T-Baiting. If you, as an innocent, are shooting around another player, you may be killed although it can cripple your karma and add suspicion to yourself by others. If you are shooting at someone as an innocent you may be killed but are also violating server rules and can be punished by a server admin. If it is one of the many things listed above by oSen, I typically take it at face value and kill the person (since doing it on purpose would violate server rules). I would use common sense here and try to ask yourself "Is this so obvious that there is no way someone would take me killing him seriously?" or "This seems like a failed attempt to injure/kill me. Should I put him down?".
  7. Danno

    bhop is still down

    Hmm would have given me time to learn how the hell to bhop.. lol
  8. He will probably just die a bunch.
  9. Danno

    all ts off mic

    Then this was just a learning experience and we are all better people now! lmao
  10. Danno

    Named Items

    This seems like more of a headache then its worth. How about just kill the people that are probably shooting at you.
  11. Currently TTT but when DarkRP/PERP was a thing, I probably logged hundreds, if not over a thousand, hours. Those were the days (before a job was mandatory for survival). I miss those days :/
  12. How about everyone stops T baiting because its ridiculous? I don't see the purpose other than trying to get someone else to do something that YOU will then complain about.
  13. Thank you for the heads up. Hopefully this fixes everything.
  14. How about we just half the zombies health so that the nades become unnecessary? :trolol: On a serious note: I agree that we either need to cap the nades at 1 or restrict the 2nd nade so that there are not unequal playing fields all over the playing field.
  15. Unless they ordered you to go to big cage and then decided to camp big cage and kill you soon after, I don't see why there is a problem here. The CT most likely won't camp where they are allowing you to be.