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Company offers holidays for cuddly toys

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A new travel company is offering people the opportunity to send their cuddly toys on holiday to Paris.


Customers send their toys to the firm, who then provide daily updates about the toy's whereabouts and post photographs of the trip on Facebook.




Furry Toys Tours, whose prices start at £88 plus shipping, says the service was inspired by the 2001 movie 'Amélie', in which a character sends her father photographs of his garden gnome at various locations.


Denis Gerber, who founded the company, told Wired: "Paris is the most visited city in the world by human beings and there is no reason why it shouldn't be for furry toys as well.


"We don't sell trips to furry toys, we don't sell pictures, what we actually sell is a kind of emotion. The day your child or partner receives their first email containing a photo of their toy, that is the emotion we are selling. It is sweet and poetic."


The service also includes a set of photographs, a travel certificate and a souvenir from Paris.


So what's next for Furry Toy Tours.....Tours and Toys for Furries?

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