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My boring office job

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I worked for a construction company and I was "Promoted" to the paper scanner. I had to take a $2000 scanner and scan 4 years of paperwork 8 fucking straight hours a day.


My computer



My scanner and tower



One months worth of paperwork



staples i manually removed before scanning



close up of paperwork



my Phone



I am so glad I no longer work there

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I was recently promoted from this




To this




: D


lol and I found this which I thought proper describes the job of being a line cook.


"Being a line cook is a young person’s job. Nick tells me he needs to prepare several dinners at once and coordinate his dishes with ones that are being cooked by others so it all comes out at the same time. He told me it was like solving a puzzle in your head while riding a bike very fast down a very steep hill."

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Yeah, it's an AC, I love it. I angled a binder over the vent propping it up with a marker so it blows air right at me.

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