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Getting a TV...need some advice.

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So I've been without a TV for about a year now and I think it's about time I get one. I've about $800 to spend for a TV (preferably an HDTV), and it doesn't need to be any bigger than a 32" (that's big enough for a small room, amirite?)


I have no background knowledge of any LCD/plasma TVs because I've never owned one. What is a good brand? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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My favorite brands are Sharp and Toshiba, Both have very clear & sharp pictures.


EDIT: If I had the money right now id upgrade my tv to this although its not plasma its LCD:





EDIT 2: heres this to help with your decision making for HDTV:



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sony is the hdtv plasma industry standard, reliable and quality, sharp and other brands don't get the reliability and colors that sony does.


Get a lcd, most plasma TVs dont come below 42"


And older plasma TVs used to suffer from screen burn in, which is something that happens if the same image is displayed too long.


Also LCD is lighter than plasma and used to have a bigger life span, but i dno if the plasma caught up yet, lcd lifespan is (i think) guaranteed to 60,000 hours.

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LCD for sure..


I've got a samsung and it's great.. never had any problems and usually you save money vs. the sharp. The LG is also very nice.

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Man, it's a real shame, you just missed out on a great deal 2-3 days ago.



HP Professional Series 720 LCD TVs w/ ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuners:

32" LT3200 $500, 37" LT3700 $650


"HP LT3200 32-Inch Professional LCD HDTV - $500 after discount

HP LT3700 37-Inch Professional LCD HDTV - $650 after discount


Key Product Specifications:


Exceptional image accuracy, clear pictures, and rich connectivity….


32” / 37” Viewable image area

720p Resolution

178 Degree viewing angle

Stand included / wall mountable

Multiple connectivity options including 3HDMI ports

E-Star Qualified

2 Year parts and labor warranty "



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