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(First read then choose, Multiple choice)  

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  1. 1. (First read then choose, Multiple choice)

    • Climb
    • Deathrun
    • GunGame
    • Hide n' Seek
    • Skill/Combat Surf
    • ZombieMod
    • BunnyHop
    • Fy/Aim/Awp

What kind of Server?

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Hey there,


it is as well up to you people to decide on what servers to bring up and to get to run in this community. Therefore I am starting a poll but please read the description first before you vote. Since some Gamemods you might not even know therefore why not read and have a look. As well you can see my personal rating indicated with a max. of 5 stars (*****)


Please use constructive feedback and post the reasons why you choose this Gamemod and not an other, as well you can bring up other Gamemods.


Climb - When you climb it actually makes a lot of fun even doh it is boring, you can spend time talking over voice chat to other members and use the climb server as a time to think about things, since climbing helps you concentrate while doing something else, like a phone call. As well you can make funny competition on who to reach the end first. Don't forget the feeling you get when you managed to reach the top. ****


Deathrun - Hell yes, all these nice days we spent in deathrun seeing other people getting smashed or ripped apart by traps, in deathrun a Terrorist is pressing buttons in order to kill all the ct's since when the CT's reach the end they will kill the Terrorist, it is a mod where you have to trick the terrorists in order to pass traps. *****


GunGame - Always getting a better level every time you shoot someone getting better weapons, playing this on specified maps where fun breaks out. Winning when you reach the highest leve. ***


Hide n' Seek - This would be a all new Gamemod for SG that has never been on any of our servers as far as I can remember or is my brain just fucked up. Well this gamemod is defenitly fun, all it needs is a really good custom maps and a lot of players that have fun. ***


Skill/Combat Surf - Skill surfing without any deathmatch, just show the others how good you can surf and how much fun surfing can be, as well when you find yourself on a big map fighting each other while surfing. ****


ZombieMod - This kinda died over the years, whith the lack of good players and maps, whereas the good maps are there but the players are gone. Still this is the most epic zombie expierence, fuck zombie escape when you can camp and kill zombies together with friends. *****


BunnyHop - Just a 100% Bunnyhop server with all the fun needed, no trkiz nothing, just bunnyhop as we know it, with some awesome maps that allow players to have fun and show their skills. ****



Fy/Aim/Awp - Small maps with a very addictive player rate. once you play them you can't stop awesome Gameplay and a lot of fun. We just have to have em all. *****

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First :p

Deathrun and HnS

Deathrun is always fun and there are way too less good servers out there

always is fun to play.


HnS, couple of servers out there. Maybe better in gmod

HnS has always been favorite under a small group of players and if we can get the server up and noticed, I think this will be a succes

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It's fun, u can chill out & chat while playing ...


+ i miss them teletubbys :frown:


skill/combat surf.


i love surf ... as long as it's with rounds where once u die u stay dead ... no instant respawn


(my fav kind of surf is with rpg, but that doesn't really matter too much me :thumb:)

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