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Me and gabbo used to play this mod before we found ZM. It's a lot of fun & tends to scare you shitless at times (unlike ZM)


Basically it's a team of special ops versus a being called "The Hidden," who is nearly invisible to the eye, carries a knife, can jump long distances, and can kill you in one stab. The hidden also has pipe bombs and can see through walls, can pick up objects, cling to walls, eat dead bodies for health, and much more.


The humans get a choice of an assault rifle, a shotgun, a submachine gun, and a less-lethal riot control gun (or something like that), a choice of two side-arms, and some equipment, such as night vision goggles, speed boost, deployable alarms, flashlight, etc...


Whoever does the most damage to the hidden gets to be hidden next round.


Teamwork is an absolute must in this game (for the most part, I go solo if my team consists of a bunch on nubs). Since the hidden is a blur at best, you must keep your eyes & ears open at all times (you can hear light footsteps and a noise when he attacks). Oftentimes though, when you hear him, it's already too late...


Official site: http://www.hidden-source.com/


Some random gameplay videos:



I'm wondering if any of you have played / are willing to play this mod (for a change from ZM..) Please discuss.

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  • Content Count:  830
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how popular is this game? is it hard to find servers?



i'm down like syndrome!


It used to be quite popular when I first got it. Right about the time when I stopped playing the mod, there were about 20 servers...


Just checked, about 50 solid servers out there. Looking forward to a good game with you guys... I'll find an IP later on (tomorrow perhaps)


EDIT: Yes, it's a HL2 mod.

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