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The trailer features two women defecating and vomiting into a cup, taking turns consuming the excrement, and vomiting into each other's mouths.


I don't want to see something like that



btw i u want to see another insane video search BME Pain Olympics

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Meh... the video is overrated. Yes, it was gross but some reactions to it are completed over done. I expected much worse so when I saw it I was unaffected. My main thought was "damn, what do you have to eat to crap like that?" Then I heard it was fake, and personally I wouldn't be surprised if it is fake.


BME Pain Olympics, now that's a different story. Those are some sad people, and the videos are extremely disturbing to watch. It's like having a nightmare, and I consider myself to be very desensitized.

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Next featuring Raven and Niko:


Based on a semi-true made up story



------------Two guys, one popcorn bucket-----------------------

" It just got a whole lot... stickier?"



The popcorn joke will never die Raven, NEVER!

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