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yeah, i got a few of those in high school. They generally mean nothing, so don't worry about it. It is very pricey, but it is not worth it because nobody really cares if you attend it or not. Just some way to get money from rich families

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I went to something like that. It was actually very fun, I hooked up with some rich latina from texas lolz. Don't go if you expect it to help you with a career, only go if you find the stuff they offer interesting.


I was the poorest kid in the whole place, there were some 17 year old kids making half a mil a year that I met, pretty crazy stuff. I still talk to two girls that I met there. I went I think like 3 years ago.

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Yeah I went to the NYLF Defense and Intelligence conference in DC. Luckily I had a scholarship to go, so I didn't wast any money on it. Honestly, it seemed to be more of an orgy for rich kids who all knew each other already then learning any thing. I spent most of my time in my hotel room chain smoking and watching tv, then going out at night to the awesome jazz bars in DC.

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I got invited to this one too. As well one in Austrailia and Germany. They are just expensive field trips. I'm about 5 hours from DC now, and I have yet to visit. Once my little one is a bit older we might go up, depends on who is pres. and how crazy the politics are up there.

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