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Where the Hell has T-MaG been?!?!?

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So, where have I been you ask (well, I guess I ask :rolleyes:)?

Welp, for a while, my depression went a lil haywire, when my bf broke up with me... Long story short: I WASNT doing EVERYTHING he wanted, and partially I called it off 'cause he partied WAY to hard :fight:. But, a few shots and slits I was ok...

Then I decided to take a break from all gaming/internet with the school year coming to an end... And then there was prom :date:, which my good (lesbian) friend Missy asked me to go to, which was a whirl... Something I never plan on doing again. (But it was fun.) And then, my other really, REALLY good friend, (who I've had a crush on since I met her) broke up with her previous bf, and I was trying to make my move in... I guess I didn't move fast enough, being embarassed (she's my really good friend and all), so she got another bf :cry::cry::cry:. She said she was kind of pissed off, because she said she also had a crush on me, but was afraid to ask because of what I've been going through (which I won't go into details, but my mother has been very sick, and I've been battling my depression and social anxeity throughout it). And then she said she couldn't go and break of her new relationship, becaused she LOVES him... That made me feel more like shit... And I still express how I feel about her to her, I really am lovestuck for her (she is just like me in every way, and goes through almost everything I'm going/went through). And I'm hoping that relationship won't work out, after all he lives in NJ and is 21. I really haven't told her, but I pray every night her parents find out he is 21...lol... Oh well...:gives:


But I shall be back soon enough, so you can pull out that lube Lunchy, if you haven't gotten :ban:'ed yet. And Trick, I still love you the most!!!! I'll prolly be back next week, so noobs and little children watch out, T-MaG WILL BE BACK!!!!! :cool:

-T-MaG (Lubin' Up)


(P.S. I love 73h new smilies :welcome: :bump: :closed: :rolleyes:

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :stu: :cool: :gives: :focus: :lock: :date: :call2: :cry: :ban: :) :fight: )

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well im happy to have you back i was woundering where the hell you were rember you always have me lol:lock: oh ya and well my comp is broken anyways so i wont see you for a little wile


Love ya

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