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just a quick question, well hopefully noone reported me but today on the us escape server the map with the bridges and the jetplane(sorry i forgot the name:blush::cursing:) we had all gotten on the jet, when it took off however, i was pushed back into bull3t magn3t and this one other guy and we all died. i had never jumped but just stood there and i aploigized for what happned but they started acussing me of glitching. i would never do that!:sneaky2::glare:


so again i aploized for the accident but they still continued so then someone said that the jetplane is very laggy because its small romm, and a ton of us was in there, so is true about the jet? if so, is there certain spots that can't push you out? thanks for listening you guys!


best regards-Taylor:blush::thumbup::thumbup1:

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It's all good.


My recommendation is to try to spread out and stay away from others as much as possible on any vehicle. CSS was never designed to be a game that supported vehicles, so they're very glitchy. Don't crouch, jump, or get too close to anyone.

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