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:blushing:just a quick question, i really love the US escape server, but once in a while i do get a bit bored( its not the game or server!) of pratically playing most of the same maps over and over(jurrassic park, boat escape, island escape ect.ect..) and was wondering if all those other servers are avaliable for me; (naplam, soccer, vip, and ect.) the reason that I ask this is that well, whenever the IP of a different zombie murder server comes up for ex(i'll make it up) it says when i read it: Try our other server called the zombie disco server.(dumb name huh? :001_tt2:) and then the IP 186.674.336:5609( i made that up as you can see:001_rolleyes:) i go to the find servers and type that IP in and click add server to favorites it showes nothing!:crying:


so please can you help me out? thanks guys!:rlol::thumbup::blush::blushing:

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Just use the name of the server as the IP. For example, if you want to connect to Napalm, type in your console "connect napalm.steam-gamers.net" or alternatively add it to your favorites list, using that IP.


US Escape is escape.steam-gamers.net, the Unlimited Ammo server is unlim.steam-gamers.net, etc. A full list of the server aliases can be found here: http://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?t=4669

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I do find that problem with steam as well, where if i try to add a server to my favourites whilst ingame, often it won't do it. I only just added the climb server after numerous tries by doing it outside of css through steam.

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