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I don't know if any one here has heard about the new mod, Mario Kart source. I can remember back in the day when Nintendo 64 came out, that Mario Kart was one of their best games ever. That would be so fun playing Mario Kart with 15 plus people on a server and the ability to be people like my boy Donkey Kong. That would be so crazy with the lightning strikes and the red shells. Talk about insane. And you could always go play the Banshee Boardwalk or Skyscraper levels and fall of hundreds of time. Wow I can't wait. Here is the website if any1 wants to check it out. (http://www.mariokartsource.com/)

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This could be a really neat mod if coded properly. So far from what I've seen, Source doesn't handle moving props/brushes over multiplayer very well. Bookmarked nonetheless.

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