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Interesting events on the map UbrellaCorp.

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Fun story. I had never played the map before, and I decided to join the Napalm server while that was the map. So I went to the elevator and called it. A bunch of people got on, and I went to get and my horrid connection problems hit, game like froze... So the elevator went down, once connection reestablished, I didn't realize the Elevator went down for the door was still open(I was blocking the door from closing), and I had the "W" key held down so I'd move forward, and I fell down the elevator shaft... So I was on top of the elevator. I couldn't !ztele for the zombie had spawned and I was Human, so I just said "Can somebody call up the elevator?" Nobody did. Eventually, after a few minutes, a Zombie called it up, and as it got to the top, I got glitched through the ceiling so I was outside of the map! I knew that if I jumped off the map I'd just fall forever, so I tried jumping onto another part of the map to lower my health, it didn't work. So now I was on top of the Laboratory/Basement part of the map! I was one of the only surviving Humans and I knew that if I didn't somehow die I'd be considered a Glitcher, so I had to disconnect(I had to anyway, phone was ringing). It was funny though, for I heard gunshots and zombies but I couldn't see anything but the map...


I just thought I'd let everyone see this, I thought it was freaky.



Screenshot is attached.

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