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The people in these videos have no sense of zombie tactics. When one person enters a room the humans all rush in and get swarmed from behind by zombies. My experience from playing ZPS, when a person enters a building to check for ammo three people have to wait outside to make sure zombies don't horde into that building. It really annoys me when I go to check a room for ammo and I find zombies in that room and when I try to back out of that room I got 3 idiots trying to follow me into that same room and I end up dying. Thats a common sense tactic that alot of people seem to not have....

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the other thing the videos are trying to show though is the zombies rushing you, the AI trying to follow you and hit you when your stuck or cramped area wise. L4D so far seems to be a decent setup for what an "actual" human speed zombie would be and how swarm inteligence (hivemind) works.

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