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CS:S - RedRover Eventscripts

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As you kill enemies they become teammates. Once all the enemies are gone the round ends.


This mod disables objectives, this is a deathmatch style of mod.


When you respawn, you will respawn in the same place you were killed, with your weapons.


When you spawn you will spawn with your last weapons.


Maybe build a server with this Event Script in it. Its different, unique, and could possibly be fun.

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that was done once, was quite fun but chaotic aswell, everyone would just get the machine gun and shoot your teammates incase they got shot ^__^

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that can be easily remedied with FF on :d


i wonder if you get switched when FF is on or you just die o_O I think it looks fun and it seems like it'd be especially fun on a server like this one where everyone would be having lulz from the crazy antics that would undoubtedly ensue

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