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happyfun homo thread

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say something nice about the person above you :001_wub: an actual specific thing, not some stupid bullshit like "oh yeah uh this guy is awesome (+rep plz)"


Since there is nobody above me I will say that Haggard is very generous for hosting these servers for us and especially for listening to our suggestions.


good examples:

"your whacky antics on the server always bring the lulz and brighten my day"

"you always have something witty and/or insightful to bring to a discussion"

"it only takes five seconds to finish fapping to all the pictures of you i have saved from the pic thread"

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Captain Colon was jealous of the other rep thread where they were straight out begging for rep, and decided to create another thread where people give you +epeen --- I mean +rep for making up compliments about other people and named it "happyfun homo thread". Pure class.


He said he has played Fallout repeatedly. A sign of pure awesomeness.

"...fallout...the only game I'm actually sick of because I've played it through SO many times." - Captain Colon


His sig... member.php?u=974 Hammer Time, and then "Touch This" grayed out to show that you can't touch this; pure awesomeness.


Can't say I've ever played any games with him, or talked to him on vent though... I don't think so at least.


Another thing, he made a thread where you HAVE to make up a complement about the last person that posted. HAH! Good luck, suckers!

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oh yeah uh this guy is awesome (+rep plz)


(it was bound to happen)


But srs response... uh... okay. You looked so creepy in this picture


that you literally scared the shit out of me, which cured me of my constipation. So I thank you. :thumbup1:

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