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suggestion about a server (message 2 haggard 2)

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if there is any SG server that never gets ppl or somethin like that, can u make it 2 a slide, deathrun, obstacle server. those maps are soooo fun. death run (T is one room, while ct have 2 run, t activate traps and the ct who makes it can pick up shot gun and kill the defence less T" believe me its sooo fun and its hard 2 be Ct , u guys would LOL so much believe me :p

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I never see anyone in soccer anymore. And Deathrun maps are great.....








Soccer is locked >:( i dont know pw >:(


I think a slide server would


KICK @$%^

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Yeah the soccer isn't used at all it's either locked or just empty, making it something else like this deathrun might be good.

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