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RainBow Six Vegas 2

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I have been wanting to get that. Heard it was as good as the first, but people were complaining because it was too similar to the first one. I figure whatev because the first one was great.

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Similar? Yes more of an expansion pack. But its a pretty fun game. The single player campaign is absurdly short and the plot is pretty light. But the guns are great and the graphics are beautiful.


In the first game, the battle where you fight in between wrecked cars is a fantastic firefight reminiscent of "Heat".There is no real defining moment of gunfire and mayhem like that.


I havent had a chance to play multiplayer, what are your impressions?

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I was one of the few people who actually bought it for the PC. I bought it the day it came out. I really liked the co-op campaign, Molotov and I played it for two days straight on the hardest difficulty until we beat the game. It was one hell of a challenge. I like the new weapons, but I was disappointed in the animations. The FNC has the same reload animations as the AK-47, and the M468 was a little underwhelming. But it was good overall.

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