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Left 4 Dead

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Any way we can get something along the lines of this game on our servers.Something like the original zombie mods from a couple years ago.Like humans and zombies are spawned from opposites sides of the map,and have to work towards each other.I dont know if you guys remember when the zombie mods first started showing up a few years ago,but that was the best,because they used the original CS maps like CS Train and CS Militia,just a suggestion,especially Militia(great map).Let me know what you think.Laters.:thumbup:

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i dunno but i still know a server where the zombies have to work towards the cts i can post ip if you want if so reply to this ill check it later on :p


P.S: i know about the server cause i was an admin on it once

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The game is announced to be out this fall... Hopefully it will but it may be delayed... Does look like just another genius game valve is cookin up.

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