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Apology from AcidReflex (Not Appeal)

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The reason why this chat is in AIM is because steam chat doesn't allow long message atleast when I chat.


Acid Reflex is banned and asked me to post his apology. This is not an appeal.





What he basically said:


This is not me sucking up to the ZombieMuder/SteamGamer's community trying to get myself unbanned.

I am simply posting this because of my immaturity and am hoping you all can forgive me for what I have done.

For those who do not know me I was immature, foolish, I was a joke, I whined, I complained, and I acted like a moron.

But despite all of my actions I am here to clear my conscience and apologize to the whole ZM/SG community.


First I would like to say sorry to Solanum.

You were a good friend to me before I backstabbed you and started making fun of your appearance and difference.

I apologize for our chat the other day when I told you that I hated goths and disliked you for being different.

I made fun of the music you listened to and Bill Smauz had told me about how you're having a hard time in your life.

I am just hoping you can accept my apology and for you no longer hate me.


Second I would like to apologize to Raven.

You were always nice to me but I always wanted more from you an I was never satisfied.

I kept you on your toes when you were on the verge of falling asleep at your computer with our chat.

I demanded things that were impossible for you to do and can see why your position in ZM/SG is so hard.

I thank you for standing by my side and for trying to help me get unbanned from previous affairs.


Third I would like to say sorry to Bill Smauz.

You stood by my side this whole time but I always expected more and more from you.

I am hoping we can stay as friends even if you don't accept my apology.


Fourth I would like to apologize to CupCakes/Karot.

I was always jealous of you and envied how you became admin and not me.

I always said that you never changed and blamed you for my banning.

You are very nice and can see why you made it to admin and not me.

I am sorry and hope you forgive me.


Fith I would like to say sorry to Haggard.

Your community is like no other.

The members of your community are nice and fun.

Your admins treat players with respect and want the best for the server

I am sorry for what I said about you and I am sorry for saying you're in this community for the money.

You wanted to create a nice community where players can be treated nicely and be respected and treated fairly

I hope you accept my apology


Sixth I would like to say sorry to You all!

I treated you all with disrespect and am hoping you'll all forgive me for what I have done.


In conclusion I hope you accept my apologies and am hoping you can see that I have matured from a catapiller to a butterfly.

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Ok, I dont want to see anymore threads about AcidReflex. Put this kid on your ignore list because he will not stop PM'ing you about being banned and asking you to do him favors.


If anyone else posts another thread about Acid I'll ban you from the forums for a day because he's just like the Microshock problem that we finally got out of our systems.


EDIT: The apology is fake. He thinks Nuggs is Hitler & We're all his puppets. HE HAS FIGURED US OUT HEAD FOR THE HILLS!


Thread Locked due to it will cause a massive flame.

Edited by raven maniac
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