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"Dickipedia is a monolingual (English), Web-based, free content encyclopedia project with information about people who are dicks."


Some quotes:


Cheney is sub-species of dick known as the "Chicken Hawk,” which is a person who publicly supports a war but is too much of a pussy to fight in it himself. There is a scene in the movie "Office Space" when one of the characters, Michael Bolton, is sitting in his fancy car listening to hardcore gangsta rap, and then the black guy pulls up next to him, and he rolls the window up. A chickenhawk is this sort of person.


China is a dick country in East Asia, the third largest in dick area, and first in dick population.

It is important to note that not everyone who lives in China is a dick. However, even if the dick to non-dick ratio was a very conservative 1 in 1,000, that’s still a million dicks, which is a whole lot of dick.

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