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TF2 Tips (and the rest of the Orange Box)

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So I finally found some money and splurged for the Orange Box. Already beat Portal and I'm ready to move on to Team Fortress 2. Anyone have any tips/suggestions so I'm not going in completely cold turkey? It seems awesome, but complicated.

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TF2 is a great game to have. It's fun by yourself and more fun with friends you know. (like sex)


ZM/SG used to have a TF2 server until Haggard threw it out the window.

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The most important thing to know in TF2 is that ALL the weapons except the sniper rifle and I believe the grenade launcher (this includes the soldier's rocket launcher) do less damage the farther from your target you are. Keep that fact and your enemy's class in mind. The pistol has a pretty small spread so it's good for long range even though the damage is low, while the minigun has a big spread but decent damage and a high fire rate. As an engineer you can get a lot of pistol kills just by popping out from cover, emptying your magazine and then quickly getting back down.


Some other quick n00b tips I can think of:


- If you run into an invisible enemy spy, you will see his outline; it'll look like a predator pretty much, but with a tint that matches his team color. If a spy takes damage while cloaked you will also see this.

- A heavy with full health can take out a level 3 sentry at point blank range up to a few feet away, but any farther and the sentry will win. If an engy is around to hit it then the sentry will most likely win.

- If you're going to play as spy, pick classes that are generally behind the front line for your disguise; but never (or rarely) disguise as a medic...when you have a medic disguise your player name won't have an ubercharge bar under it, so any observant teammate can just look at you and know you're a spy. Also, as a spy your movement speed is dictated by your disguise, so the heavy is painfully slow. This often works to your advantage though, as nobody suspects the heavy.

- Sapped sentries and dispensers don't work while the sapper is on them. If your team is trying to get past a sentry, go in and sap that motherfucker! The sappers also do a lot of damage which helps your teammates destroy them. You can sap while cloaked. If the map layout allows it (eg. second section of dustbowl), a trick that sometimes works if the sentries are already distracted is to jump on top of it and sap it while cloaked, then when the engineer comes to break the sapper, jump over him while uncloaking and backstab him.

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