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Any Autographed Memorabilia?

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Does anyone have any autographed stuff relating to music? If so, then what? What's the story around the signed material?


I went to a guitar clinic today hosted by Glen Drover and he signed my United Abominations album cover. He's a real nice guy, great guitar player. He played Sleepwalker, Tornado of Souls and Washington Is Next! for us, as well as a little bit of Alison Hell by Annihilator which was pretty cool. He's real serious about people not taking videos of him though.

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I got an autographed program from Paul O'neel at the last TSO show I went to.


Trans Siberian Orchestrs or TSO is a band who takes christmas or classical music and turns it into rock. They wright their own songs aswell.


One of their songs was used in this video-



Aaannyy way, Paul O'neel is the founder of TSO and Savatage. I got to see him play live with the rest of the band at the end of the show which is very rare.









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I have a Slaves on Dope album(most people do not know them but they put on awesome live shows) and Dez from Coal Chamber signed an album cover, right before they broke up. That was interesting, the next show dez said something like 'fuck this shit' walked off stage and they never played again...so I feel lucky!

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