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Super Mario Bros vid

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This is how the game should be lol. If you haven't seen this video yet, you should watch it :p (video has LOTS of cursing, but still very funny watching him try to play though it. His voice can be kinda annoying sometimes though, and it's a fairly long vid) Definately worth a watch :)




With I could attempt those levels ;) And I love what he says at 6:20 lol.

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Lmao... I remember the good days. How's a kid supposed to beat this? He could've broken into the ceiling and taken the easy way out. He should've figured it out around 8:07 and I thought he did when he said "hey!"

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man, that is friggan hilarious! but if you thought that was hilarious you have GOTTA check this out! i will give you a link to a list of all of his videos




and another friggan funny one is



but seriously their funny as hell but there is like swears ever 2 seconds so i wouldnt recomend it if your to young

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