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Sad story

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This is what happend to a leader of a group im in on another forum.


To answer some questions, yes, I am still alive. I am currently located in Providence Hospital, as most of you are aware my longtime best friend (airimac) is taking care of my nation and his nation for me at the moment. RL has been a bitch to be completely honest with you.


I'll give you the relatively short version.


I've been with the same girl for almost 10 years how, although off and on for a large majority of the time. We were engaged, broke it off, engaged, broke it off... This time we were due to be married in august 9th which just so happens to be the day we met (coincidence? no, it was planned) It would have been 10 years since we met to the day. Things we going great, we had both grown up and both decided we just weren't complete without the other one. Since the day I met her, I knew we would be married.( I still have the email I sent to Vince (airimac) stating I would marry that girl. Looking back its kinda wierd how prophetic that a 15yr old could be.


Well, one thing led to another and I wont give details on how it happend, but she became pregnant a few months ago. Yeah, thats my bad, I zigged when I shoulda zagged. We had just become cozy with the idea of being parents and we were SURE it was a little girl, we just felt it. We were excited and loving it, due to get married in august already (I asked her back in october). Well, she lost the back a few weeks ago. It really sucked. I promise you, I dont care how much pain you think that you might have felt in your life, you can never know how much pain you could feel until you have lost a child. However, I could see how I could block it out of my mind since I had never met my unborn child.


My fiance however took it much harder, and I was trying to be there for her, she just kept pushing me away. She asked for space, so I gave her some space. We continued to talk and be friendly and everything seemed to be going well, we never broke anything off, she just needed to clear her head, which was fine. Saturday we went out to dinner after we went and hired the caterer for the wedding.


Sunday afternoon I called her and no answer. I figured she was still at church so I waited. 3 pm no call. I called again. 4 pm no call. I called again. 5...6....7...8... no calls. So I went to her apartment. Her car was there so I knocked, and knocked. Finally, after calling her mom and sister I decided to go in, I didn't even bother being nice about it, I just kicked it in.


I found out what could be worse than finding out your unborn child died.


I can't begin to describe to you what I saw or how I feel, just know that I promise you it is the worst thing anyone could ever experience. Those of you who know me well know taht I am the most fun loving easy going calm person to be around. But finding my fiance had passed away.....I lost it.

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That is pretty sad...


Is he at the Hospital cause he tried to kill himself too? or basing on "I lost it" became a little crazy?


Sucks for him, hope he can recover.

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Thats pretty shitty, more than shitty.


I don't have any grounds in which I can say "I know how you feel" so I think all I can say is, hope he can recover from this loss better than his wife to be could. Maybe if loads of people respond to this and you post it on his forum it will help him feel better.

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Yeah, I know loads of random people saying "FEEL BETTER MAN" would make me feel better.


Now if you want a real sad story, go read Humpty Dumpty :sad: Although I guess this is kind of the same premise.

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stuff like that does not belong on a forum, seriously not to be a jerk but whats he thinking, what happened to the old "sorry guys i wont be around for a while, got some family problems"


the comfort he gets from some forum buddies is nowhere the one he would get from his actual friends

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Thats almost as bad as when one of my best friends found her brother after he shot himself with a shotgun when she was 7 years old.


I hope he can recover from this some day.

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