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When do you TOOLS get outta school?

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(doo doo da, doo doo da, doo da da, da da da!

SCHOOL'S (...almost...) OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!!

Alice is hot, too bad he's like effin 60


So, as the post's title reads: When do you TOOLS get outta school?


Most are already out, being in college, but some saps like me are still in HS......... (And I bet some HS kids are already out too...)


I get out June 21, and am very suprised that I haven't shot myself yet. I guess I'm just used to it... Boston Public Schools ...uuuugggghhh...

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im in high school here in canada and we get out on june 19th, then one week break, then the week after that is finals week...so basically 2-3 more weeks :(

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