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DC transport afternoon

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Wonderful way to treat an elderly woman.... this bitch needs to be beaten with a sack of doorknobs. Disrespectful cunt.




May be NY.


Someone get her hair so she can go!

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Yeah, I thought the A on the hat looked like it was for the Atlanta Braves and the surroundings didn't look too much like DC. The seats were different than what I remember from the Metro trains, which I think are all orange, but it may be different than some of the lines I take.


I would think somebody with a bipolar condition would have someone with her at all times, but I guess she hadn't really needed one...until after this incident of course. Now I bet she gets to wear muzzle and straight jacket in public. :laugh:

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I'm pressin charges I'm pressin charges I'm pressin charges I'm pressin I'm pressin charges....SHUT THE HELL UP, goddamn....




Boil her in lead plz, kthx






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