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Post Your Funny CS Moments!

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Whether it was zombie-mod or otherwise, post any funny screenshots or movies you've taken while playing CS :cool:. To start things out, here's 2 screenshots and 2 movies :)


Huge crosshairs lol



Relaxing Terrorist... :)



Random glitch while playing GunGame



"plz don't look plz don't look plz don't look plz don't look..." :afraid::afraid::afraid:


LOL I was sitting there for like 30 secs before someone spotted me :rolleyes:, glad I had time to remember to record lol :d


Now post yours! :cool:

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well here are some of my funny moments


well this zombie was not afk, he just did not know i was on top of him in the corner knifing him.





also do u think this guy knew i was on top of his head, when i am a zombie? i think not?





and i did not know pikachu or how ever u spell it came out of a girls but!



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your about to witness, 1 of the funniest css movie i have ever seen.


Jaredz Tank


He's not shitting guys. That is probably the best CSS movie I have ever seen.


Warning: If you feel any pressure on your bladder, empty it before you watch this movie.

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