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All I can say is ROFL...(warning you may rofl your pants dirty)

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Hey so this is PART TWO of the Maury videos thingy. I saw those funny ones and thought I'd check out some others.




(can't be bothered to link the videos directly, also I don't really know how).


to be honest....the 4th one was LOLLLLLLLLLLLL. The reaction omg :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

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lol all i can say is, im glad im not american watching those shows... jesus lol.. and the girls whos scared of pickles wtf? why did she go on television and announce to the entire world shes scared of them if she got bullied and stuff for it.. honestly some people are so thick. why was she even scared of them? they arnt exactly suicide bombers or pickles or i should say lol

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