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Apple, Brood and Shadow's Race to Glory - Part 2

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This time we had 10 days, 167 cans and some epic mounts!!!


P.S. Although drinking more than twice as much as last time, none of us died from a caffeine overdose, Slavic.

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Eh Dude, Thats Weak, I Used To Almost Daily Build Giant Cup Towers.


They Usually Topped Out Around 11 Feet And I Had To Use A Ladder After Like 7 Feet. The Only Reason That I Couldn't Go Higher Then 11 Feet Was Because My Garage Only Had 11 Foot Celings And If You Build A Giant Cup Tower Outside It Is Doomed If You Get A Wind Gust.


I Could Usually Build 11 Feet In One Hour Once I Got Good Enough.


One Day I Will Find All My Old Cups And Do It Again And Post Pictures.

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What Exactly Are We Congratulating Him For?


The man's a hero, damn it. He survived an onslaught of 167 Coca-Colas. Someone pin a medal on the guy.

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1 - not that impressive. (I've drank more by myself in a week)


2 - I currently have liver problems from drinking too much coke..

YES that's right.. I haven't had an alcoholic drink in over 5 years yet my liver is close to failure due to drinking way to much Coca-Cola.


So congrats you're fucking over your own body.. I'm proud of you.

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