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anyone get random lag in CSS?

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so i get some random lag in source, but its not from my ping since i get pretty low pings (sub 30 usually), the screen would freeze and unfreeze maybe 2 seconds later and all my weapons show up on the top right side of the screen. i thought it was just my laptop or maybe busted graphics driver but i updated it my driver and still happens. Geforce 6800 graphics card and 1 gig of ram, shouldnt be a problem playing this game especially even with more graphic demanding games, not a hitch. so i tried it out at a friends laptop Dual core 2 gig ram GeForce8800, same problem, and even people complain about it on the steam forum. just wondering if anyone gets these weird lag issues, seems like a big problem, steam should fix it.

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yes i have that sometimes, but its usually just my internet that chops in and out and then after a few of those it will be fine and it only happens maybe once a month so im ok with it

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Well, I get random lag spikes usually lasting less than a second. But it just seems like i get the worst timing... or in other words, I tend to die right after the lag spike :/ (not always though) In my case it's probably my wireless router, but maybe not. You basically have to assume you'll get a glitch every now and then when you're playing with 30+ people.

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