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post Random music from your childhood thread

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I thought this was a decent idea: post some music that played in your house as a child. I can honestly say music was better in the late 70s to 1990.


Mine was mostly not in English... good shit nonetheless.


Humorously, this is positioned above some hair bands that my dad would blast when the older relatives and my mother were not around.


Surprisingly, I am listening to a LOT of this stuff as I prepare for the big show in 6.5 days.










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Sadly I was a fan of Robbie Williams. I lost interest as I got older and actually disliked him when he made those really bad songs later on.


After that I became a fan of U2 and Coldplay inparticular.





I'm still a big fan, loved Coldplay's last two albums and going to see them in concert in December.


Er I've generally got into different types of music after that. Some techno, pop and rock mixed together




Sadly for me I had a time where I was listening to rap. Not my fault all my friends did but well that is over I found myself again :001_smile:


Still like hip hop, Usher and Kanye West my favs




Then yeah.........got into some heavier rock stuff in the last year. Not too heavy I will never like the screamo crap but yuh.






So yeah, hope you enjoyed some of those :thumbup1:

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When I was growin up my dad always blasted ACDC, Aerosmith, Warrant, Billy Idol, KISS, Poison, Damn Yankees, RUSH, The Outlaws, Black Sabbath, Guns & Roses, Van Halen, & Motley Crue. Which is why I like most classic rock because it's what I grew up listening too.


Kinda stuck with me really, because I'll listen to the classic rock station before I'll listen to new-age rock when I listen to the radio or netradio.

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Everything from







And everything in between. Like Raven's my dad usually played classic rock and I still listen to alot of it. I have also been to a bunch of concerts for classic rock bands.


Another favorite in the house was



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My dad was a big dead head and classic rock fan, used to play it all the time when I was little.


Grateful Dead






Also a lil something from my mom



I remember when I was like 4 or 5 the first music I ever had was a cassette tape of Micheal Jackson's Thriller and a cassette compilation of 90's dance songs.

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damn itch your old lol!


You can just call me Grandpa from now on Matt. And yes I'm about twice your age if that qualifies me as "old"

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